Our product integrity and supply network are the foundation of our sustainable strategy. For SAVANI GEMS integrity means preserving a known, ethical and conflict-free origin of our diamonds. We guarantee the quality and genuineness of all our diamond and all its physical characteristics. We ensure that all the steps to bring the finished product to the end consumer have been undertaken with transparent and best responsible practices.

Buying a diamond or a piece of jewellery is all about trust. End consumers have generally little or no technical knowledge of the products they are buying and solely rely on the advice and honesty of sellers throughout the value chain. It is our responsibility to guarantee the authenticity of our diamonds and gold jewellery in all their physical characteristics. Product disclosure rests on the quality and truthfulness   of the information that is disclosed to the consumer about the diamonds or gold he/she purchases.

Millennials are increasingly questioning the supply chain of jewellery business about their voyage of the diamonds, and other precious metals. For SAVANI GEMS traceability is an essential part of the supply chain as all types of rough diamonds are procured form various location and is then bought to our sorting offices before ending on the manufacturers polishing wheels around the globe with our leading / progressive / excellent organization. Unified with our highest moral and human watchfulness we record every diamond passing through our polish manufacturing unit. Proving our clients, the integrity of all our diamonds.

SAVANI GEMS is committed to using all reasonable endeavours to conduct its business operations in accordance with the highest ethical standards and Best Practice Principles of the industry.

SAVANI GEMS is committed to combat conflict diamonds, and accordingly has committed itself to comply with the rules and regulations of the Kimberley Process and all the requirements of the World Diamond Council. Not only do we guarantee the ethical provenance of our stones throughout the supply chain, we also disclose all material facts and information about our diamonds, at all times whether or not specifically requested and regardless of the impact on the value of the diamond.

We believe in the fundamental importance of human rights, and in treating all people fairly, openly and honestly. This includes all of our employees, partners and customers throughout the globe.

PEOPLE: Wherever we work in the world, we believe in treating all our employees fairly and honestly in respect human rights. SAVANI GEMS international reputation for diamonds manufacturing and customer service depends entirely on its people. Their knowledge, skills and commitment make the company stand at international level.

COMMUNITIES: Together with all our people, we aim to be a strength for good development in the world. With the power of unified action and working partnerships/cooperation, we create a better tomorrow for communities worldwide. Our community empowerment programs focus on three areas:

  • Health: We support programs focusing on innovative solutions in healthcare quality, capacity and accessibility.
  • Education: We support programs that foster educational opportunities for children worldwide.
  • Community: We provide financial support and employee volunteers for community health and social programs in the areas where we work.

Go Green: We believe in caring for the people and for the planet. By reducing our carbon emissions, and moving to eco-friendly approach, which will help us to ensure a safer, more secure future for the world.

Caring for our Planet: Environmental sustainability is a critical issue for any business. We recognize the challenge of climate change, and are committed to minimizing the environmental footprint of our business. This makes business, as well as environmental, sense as it helps reduce operating costs and adds ‘green value’ to our products.