Savani Gems supplies polished diamonds to jewelry manufacturers, retailers and other trade players. Our team of highly skilled sorters can produce polished assortments tailored to customer specifications. Larger polished diamonds are accompanied by gemological certificates. Other polished diamond can be certified upon request.

A range of other diamond products and services is also provided by Savani gems, more information is available from our respective offices.

Our Polish Diamond Services

1)Standard Grading/Assortment System

All of our stones are graded to international standards. Our assortments are precisely  calibrated, uniform colored, all of our loose stones are precisely round, No Chipped, No broken culet, full of luster without any cavity or bruises.

From small to large, each an every diamonds are selected within very specific parameters in order to maximize the fire or life in the stones

Each size for each and every order are individually packed and labelled which will have all the information of the parcel that is Size, color, number of stones, purity, carat weight

2) Personalized Assortments

We know how difficult it is for high-end retail customers, jewelers and designers to have different qualities of gem in the same jewel for which we provide personalized service by taking the time to understand each customers needs so they can rest assured that the next batch will exactly the same as the first batch

3) Calibrated sizes

When our customer order calibrated diamonds, each and every diamond matches the other in terms of color, clarity, and parameters, it is a perfect solution for our high-end retail customers, jewelers and designers who needs to look their stone exactly the same in their jewelry designs, this process saves time on sorting and gives them the precision in  terms of size that they require. As a result our customer can focus more on the critical aspects of watch and jewelry manufacturing

4) Microscope sorting and grading services

Microscopic assortments and grading ensure that each and every stone ordered by our customer is checked under the microscope, resulting in the highest degree of quality in terms of color and clarity. (each any every stope in out assortment department goes through a microscope grading)

SAVANI GEMS addresses this need of high-end retail customer, jewelry / watch brands manufacturer. The customer’s specifics  requirement is thus fulfilled

5)Tailored Polished make

Tailor Polish make arises out of generic rounds in small size. This is achieved by manufacturing the rough diamond accordingly to its natural shape but are categorized by change in the parameters of crown height and table size. SAVANI GEMS recognizes this customer requirement and translate those specific needs into tailored polish make diamonds

6) Customized diamonds

SAVANI GEMS emphasis on providing its customer with the highest value for their diamonds. To do so we offer customized diamond services to our clients.


SAVANI GEMS offers jewelry manufacturer and watch manufacturer special program where they choose the specification of diamonds by color, clarity, calibrated, and by weight on variety of shapes and sizes and bring their vision to life with the help of our Master Cutters, in our own manufacturing facilities

We guarantee the same quality and size down to a mm, the same average weight and price, on variety of shapes and sizes such as Kites, Taper Baguettes, shields, Bullets, and all the classic shapes with specific sizes, clarity, and color to match your design

7) Manufacturing on demand

At times it is impossible to source the diamond as it is not available in the market. We recognize that our customer will at times have to fulfil unplanned orders in a very short duration of time. SAVANI GEMS offers manufacturing on demand services. For which we use our best resources to source and manufacture these goods in the given timeframe

8) Sorting Services

For customers working with large inventories, SAVANI GEMS provides microscopic assorting, normal assorting and grading services in our premises with our in-house expertise. This enable our customer to plan their inventory better, saving them precious time and resulting in a efficient manufacturing and distribution process

9) Certification of Polish diamond

We send all types round and fancy shaped diamonds, precious stones upon clients request to one of the most reputable gemological institutes all over the world such as GIA, HRD, IGI and other reputable gem labs all over the word such as AGS, EGL, GUBELIN, SSEF and we send beck to client loose diamond with assigned diamond grading report and certificate number on the diamond girdle.

We also provide special laser inscription to our clients