SAVANI GEMS understands that finding the right jewelry manufacturing partner is very important for the success of the brand. We pride our self as one of the best one-stop manufacturers of gold, silver and diamond jewelry. We help out clients throughout the process, from initial designing, sampling to all the way to bulk order production.


1) Designing services

The Process of jewelry production begins with a concept of design or an idea. That is either rendered in a sketch or (CAD) computer aided design.


Create Design 1

This is either bought by our clients or is created by our designer with the client direction after which the designs are refined. Details is added to the Piece and is presented with a visual prototype of the piece which will give our client a clear idea what the product will look like as they had envisioned. During this period information on sizing, metal, gemstones and every other adornment is gathered. when the design is approved, we use computer aided technology to further refine the design


Modify Existing 2

Modified designs are often derived from existing jewelry. Many time’s our client will see a piece of jewelry that they like, but they will prefer that piece in different shape, size or different colored stone, or make the item a little bit thinner, longer, shorter or in a different pattern or texture

SAVANI GEMS can create these modified jewelry in the ways that meets the customer budget


Replicate jewelry: 3

Many people have their family heirlooms replicated. or replicate a piece of jewelry when an new member is added in their family or when their favorite jewelry is worn-out and needs to be replaced.

SAVANI GEMS can replicate or redesign this jewelry items for you (As long there are no trademark or patent violations while reproducing the jewelry items)

2) Computer aided designing service

Jewelry design is a precise art that requires steady hands and close attention to details. For jewelry pieces that require mathematically correct angles or lines that human hand cannot accurately create, there is when CAD or Computer-aided design steps in which will bring your ideas to life with amazing precision

CAD allows for much greater detailing in creating clean lines, accurate angles, measurement’s and prefect calibration of the design in a 3-D model which we could look at, the jewelry design is thus mapped, and created with this assistance any makes any dream jewelry into reality

It also allows the detailed cost analysis before a master is produced

SAVANI GEMS provides CAD services for perfect calibration of your jewelry design

3) 3D-Printing services

SAVANI GEMS provides 3d printing Services to its clients, which is the best technology for mastering complex items with great precision and has become an essential tool for many jewelry designers because of the freedom and precision it gives for the development of new items

3D Printing allows to play with 4 factors:

Shape: It allows us to make designs with complex shapes with hollow, voids, small details which is very hard to create with regular manual was carving

Size: there is no limit to the size of an item considering that large items can be sliced into 2 or more parts which can be then soldered together during production.

Weight: Once the 3D design is done you can know how heavy your item will be once the metal casting is done using conversion tables. You might sometimes decide to reduce thickness or modify the design in order to reduce the metal costs during production.

Thickness: It is now easier to make sure that every cross section has a sufficient thickness (reduces rejection during casting), and on the other hand, decrease thickness of other areas of the items in order to reduce metal weight.


Thus, our clients can master complex and intricate jewelry designs with great precision and finishing

5) Molding Services

Molding is an important aspect of jewelry manufacturing. SAVANI GEMS is well prepared to accommodate your design with the best materials for the highest quality result

Creating jewelry molds involves a model being created out of metal, wax or clay. The model is then covered with the mold material such as silicone, rubber and is then cured. Metal masters such as silver, copper or brass can be molded in any mold material. Once the mold has cured it can then be used to inject waxes.

Depending on the items we will choose which material will be used to make the mold, for a series of identical pieces or simple things like plain bands, bracelets and simple chains, these molds can be used time and again. The strength of a rubber mold is in the high tear and tensile strength. These types of molds can also last for years and are extremely reusable. These rubber molds have been the industry standard for decades.

If you want a large number of the same item, we recommend more than one mold be prepared with the same master. These molds are lined up and injected sequentially so that they all will see the same length in service.

Strong, flexible and reusable, rubber molds will be able to produce identical models time after time. This means you’ll get a finished product every time. The tenth ring will look identical to the first ring without any flaws introduced by the mold process.

4) CNC milling Service

CNC milling creates very high definition and accurate masters, which is a better choice for certain designs than using 3D printer, our professional staff can advise you which is the best choice for the jewelry design

Not only it is cheaper but it also creates more accurate masters for perfect geometrical and mechanical parts

Our professional staff can advise you on which service is best for your jewelry design


1) Casting Services

Casting is a complex process and its success depends on the experience of the casters, the quality of the metals, the melting equipment’s and metal ratios used during the procedure.

At SAVANI GEMS we make difference in each of these parameters with a team with more than 20 years of experience, by using high quality metals from trusted international suppliers and by using our special equipment in the state-of-the-art facility to cast different types of metal

SAVANI GEMS casts a wide range of metals from :





Brasses and bronze

Other metals on requests

2) CNC-Carving, Hand-Carving, Filing Services

SAVANI GEMS uses hand held and atomized ultra-high speed dremmers with a range of precision, tungsten treated cutting tools to carve patterns and engrave designs in precious metals with this technique we can actually carve faceted shaped surfaces into metal creating unique light refraction resulting in a diamond like sparkle emitting from metal surface. The technique is called diamond cutting and requires a highly skilled operator for best finishing

By using these techniques under the setting of the stones can help to enhance the color, shine and luster of the stones and is also great for adding additional spark to chains and flat surfaces and give more lift and life to the jewelry

SAVANI GEMS have a wide range of cutting tools and diamonds finishing services available. Our clients can enhance their design using our diamond cutting technique and incorporate this finishing in the next range

3) Laser Engraving Services

SAVANI GEMS provides Laser Engraving Services. Laser technology allows highly skilled and talented jewelers the opportunity to create exquisite jewellery designs with the very finest in precise details and lasts longer than traditional hand-made engraving.

The main advantage of laser engraving is that it provides uniform and accurate results.

Our laser can engrave very small and detailed logos or trade mark engraved at a very specific depths which is impossible to make by hand.

5) Anti-Tarnish Coating and Electrophoretic Coating / plating

Electroplating is a process of applying a coating of metal on jewelry using electric current. Using various solutions and equipment’s. The reason why jewelry plating services are performed are, is to change the color, add value to the items, remove small scratches or any other imperfection and gives a smooth finish to the jewellery item

SAVANI GEMS provides a galvanic anti tarnish coating to jewelry which will extend your oxidation life up to 10x normal rates

Electrophoretic Coating

Plating or Coating on jewelry allows an items with the beautiful look of gold without having the entire item made of solid gold. With gold being so expensive, having a piece of jewelry made out of solid gold is not an option for many people. With plating we can imprint all the qualities of gold and other precious metal into a piece without the huge cost

Ceramic clear E-coat

We also provides Ceramic clear E-coat process, which is used on jewelry to further protect the plating from tarnish and discoloration, it is clear in color and is limited to items with no moving parts like eg chains, and is applied on the jewelry after the jewelry plating services, which will extend the oxidation life and also enhances the scratch resistance properties of the jewelry

4)Laser Welding

SAVANI Gems provides laser welding services and uses laser welding system for extremely precise welding spots as small as 0.2 millimeters with high-heat sensitive metals and materials.

Our Laser welding uses laser instead of traditional torches, the smaller focus and higher cooling rates allows for extremely precise welding and creates a stronger joints with no discoloration, no added materials and no filler

SAVANI GEMS is equipped with state-of-the-art laser welding machine and provides best jewelry welding work the industry can offer to our clients

6) Jewelry Finishing Services

Savani gems offer a variety of jewelry finishing techniques from which our clients can  choose form. SAVANI GEMS mass-finishing department is equipped with a range of top of the line tumblers and polishing medias with our skilled operators allowing us to choose the best possible way to finish your jewelry for the best results

Jewelry tumbler polishing is an effective process used to polish large volume bulk intricate jewelry  pieces in a barrel using specific tumbler which allows the finishing of not only external but also internal surface of the jewelry which is not possible to achieve with regular hand polishing, this services changes the process of polishing to accelerate the production speed rapidly

Our clients can choose from various types of finishing techniques from magnetic, stainless steel, ceramic tumbling to hand finishing and mix them as well

7) Stone Setting

The process of attaching gemstones to jewelry securely is called stone setting.

SAVANI GEMS provides a wide range of setting styles to choose from to its clients to meet their each and every expectation. No matter how complex or simple arrangement is, we promise to deliver precise arrangement of stone’s in each any every piece

We provide our clients with some of the industry most polular setting styles such as

Bezel, Channel, Flush, Gypsy, Pave, Prong, Simple Bead, Tension


Savani gems ensures the safety and durability of gemstones in the attachment of our stone setting services. Our setting is firm and securely tested, we make sure light entering the stone is limitless and the quality of jewelry piece remains timeless, with wear and tear in mind quality control is our top priority for the maximum safety of the jewelry

Post Production

1) X-ray Metal testing

This is a harmless process, it means our clients can test the quality of metal in the finished jewellery

This process is done within 5 mins with our state-of-the-art machine so our clients don’t have to wait weeks before the results arrive the result is given on the spot or sent by an email

We will also give an official certificate, which will give all the information on gold, precious metals and other alloy used in the jewelry

2) Professional cataloging Jewelry photography

SAVANI GEMS provides professional level jewelry photography solutions to its client with its in-house state of the art photographic studio. We understand that jewelry photography is important nowadays for web-based selling and cataloging which helps in maximizing sales of our clients

Taking a picture of jewelry is not an easy task that any photographer can do as he needs to manage specific difficulties such as lighting condition, shadows, reflections, white balance and so on

We provide great shots with high quality photos to showcase the details of your jewelry with various backgrounds and setting, depending on your needs

With the help of our in-house professional photographer you can also edit the photos in photoshop, as per your requirement

The picture of your jewelry can be taken at the end of the production process, before we ship them

Jewelry Maintenance Services

1) Jewelry repair and maintenance

Jewelry which are worn regularly should be cleaned and inspected every few years as it is essential to diagnose any wear or erosion that has developed due to constant wear of the piece as precious metals are soft and can easily shift. Frequently worn items mounted with gemstones should be viewed by a qualified jeweler and inspected for wear on prongs and closures Precious metal jewelry is prone to erosion and metal fatigue, our qualified jeweler will recognize the symptoms and inform you so that you can arrange for the appropriate jewelry repair in order to avoid the heartbreak of a lost stone.

We do a thorough jewelry inspection to find any wear or erosion and will recommend preventive maintenance measures which could help you avoid losing a stone, keep a bracelet from falling or save a pendent from dropping from a broken chain.

If you have broken or damaged piece of jewelry and looking for repair services, we can help with our full range of professional repair services which will help you once again experience the pleasure of wearing your precious jewelry

Our repair service is competitively priced while maintaining the utmost quality of craftsmanship skill with state-of-the-art technology, which enable us to execute traditional jewelry repair, laser jewelry repair, and exotic jewelry restoration and has built a reputation for providing quality and value services

Whatever type of damage your jewelry has sustain, rest assure we can help to restore to its former glory. Our repair service is uniquely tailored to each individual piece of jewelry. We invite you to visit our office with your jewelry for a free quote.

Some of our repair services include:

  • Re-tipping broken or worn claws on your rings
  • Re-setting loose gemstones
  • Replacing broken, chipper and cracked gemstones
  • Replacing lost gemstones such as diamonds, rubies and more
  • Fixing or replacing broken clasps on chains and bracelet
  • Repairing worn down ring bands
  • Removing both deep and superficial scratches from most types of jewelry

Rhodium plating for white gold jewelry to restore shine and luster

2) Ring Sizing

We can resize most types of rings, from plain band to stone set rings, we resize most metal types and can resize rings from gold, silver, platinum and more

The method used to resize your ring depends on how many sizes you would like to increase or decrease.

Rings which only need to be resized by a small amount can generally stretched to a bugger size, without causing structure weakness

The rings which needs to be resized several times bigger are cut extra metal us applied, and shaped.

Rings which needs to be made smaller are cut and then resized

Rings can be resized up or down multiple sizes using our high-quality tools and knowledge which ensures accurate resizing every time

3) Jewelry Appraisal

Q1) What is jewelry appraisal?

An appraisal is a document stating the approximate retail replacement value or worth of an jewelry items.

It is calculated using current market data and trends, which reflects typical retail prices

The appraisal will look at the condition of the jewelry piece, its gemstones their quality characteristics which includes cut, color, carat weight, the craftmanship of an item, quality of metal and settings, and these are just some criteria used in the appraisal

After a close examination of your jewelry piece, the appraiser estimates how much items is worth and put this value in writing with a detailed description of how the item appraisal was done


Q2) When to do jewelry appraisal?

Some items are priceless such as family heirloom, it’s important to remember that the value of the precious metal and gems that comprise your fine jewelry as prices are constantly changing due to market conditions. Gold, Diamond, or Platinum for instance has seen its value double over the past decade

A jewelry appraisal is always a good idea since it can be of great help. This is especially true if your jewelry piece is expensive

In case if your jewelry is very cheap, it is not worth to pay for an appraisal, but if your jewelry piece is expensive and costs hundreds of thousand, it is always a good idea for a appraisal every 2 to 3 years since it can be of great help

As appraisal are done to verify the values of a jewelry piece, the most common reason for appraisals is for insurance purpose, to decide the insurance value of your jewelry, insurer will require you to present proof of how much the item is worth

The appraisal ensures that in case of loss, theft, or damage the detailed description in the appraisal will help you to collect insurance and will help also help insurance company to give you an equal replacement of your item. The more information contained in the appraisal, the better chance you have of receiving the exact replacement or value of an item. Your insurance agency may rely on this appraisal information to calculate the value of your fine jewelry and also identify your piece if found

In general, there are various occasion when you may need written proof for the value of your jewelry where the appraisal will come in hand